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Why Everyone Should Have a Universal Diagnostic Tool for Cars

The complexity and automation of the vehicle industry have also brought innovations to the problem identification and repair of vehicles. Computerized scanning and imaging tools have emerged as effective troubleshooters, offering a universal diagnosis. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and quick diagnosis have significantly increased their popularity.


For people who want to avoid long visits to repair workshops, we suggest you invest in a diagnostic tool. Now, let’s look at the different universal diagnostic tools and their advantages so you can wisely choose the right one for your car.  



What Are Universal Diagnostic Tools?

Universal diagnostic tools are devices to detect and troubleshoot problems with your vehicles. A diagnostic tool quickly scans the car's onboard systems and recovers the trouble codes, accurately diagnosing the issues for faster repairs. Different types of diagnostic tools are available in the market, among which OBD is one of the most popular ones:


  • On-board diagnostic scanners (OBD) read the diagnostic trouble codes detected by the vehicle's onboard computer systems to identify the problems in your vehicle's engine, airbag, emission, and other components. The new generation of OBDII scanners is much cheaper and more functional.


Why Invest in A Universal Diagnostic Tool?

    • Increased Safety

A reliable diagnostic tool allows you to identify the issues with your vehicle before a drive which can ensure the safety of your vehicle, you and your loved ones. It also helps reduce the hassle of getting stuck o the road with a broken-down vehicle.


    • Time-Saving

The quick and accurate diagnosis makes troubleshooting faster and reduces downtime. They reduce the time and eliminate labor required to open the whole vehicle to identify the issue, making it time-effective.


    • Cost-Effectiveness

A diagnostic tool is usually inexpensive and is a one-time investment. Furthermore, as you don’t need to go to a workshop to get the issue identified, you get to save money.


    • Compatibility

Most universal diagnostic tools are compatible with multiple vehicle models and brands. This makes them a smart investment as you don’t have to buy new tools when you change your car.


    • Accuracy

As these diagnostic tools use the vehicles’ onboard computer systems to detect issues, they usually offer highly accurate diagnoses.


AUTOPHIXs Products for Accurate Diagnosis of Cars

AUTOPHIX is a renowned manufacturer of automotive diagnostic tools.  The company offers a variety of products, including universal OBDII code readers, Bluetooth diagnostic tools, professional scanners, and jump starters.


If you are looking for dependable diagnostic tools or VW scanners, here are two popular diagnostic tools of AUTOPHIX that allow easy troubleshooting.




This pocket-sized universal OBD code reader comes with erase code, I/M readiness, and view freeze frame features. The universal diagnostic tool provides live data about the health of your vehicles on the go. Moreover, AUTOPHIX OM123 works without batteries and comes with detachable OBDII cables, making it safe and easy to use.


With codes easily readable on-screen, it is the right choice for your car. Also, there are multi-language options available for different language speakers, which contain English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, and Dutch.




The AUTOPHIX OM126 is a more advanced universal diagnostic tool that offers enhanced functionalities of OBDII protocols. In addition to the standard features like reading and erasing codes, checking I/M readiness, and viewing freeze frame data, this tool goes a step further by performing component tests and providing advanced vehicle information. It also supports onboard monitoring and data streaming.


One of the key features of the AUTOPHIX OM126 is its ability to read, record, and playback diagnostic trouble codes. Its high-resolution LCD screen enables graphical data stream display, and you can even obtain a data printout and provide feedback using your PC. The interactive display and multi-language options make it suitable for both professional mechanics and Do-It-Yourselfers. Additionally, the tool offers free online updates, ensuring compatibility with newer vehicle models.


AUTOPHIX OM123 and OM126 are both compatible with most Asian, European, and US OBDII-based vehicles produced after 2000. These products are designed to support ALL OBD II: CAN, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141, and KWP2000 protocols.


AUTOPHIX: The Name To Trust

AUTOPHIX has earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer of universal diagnostic tools. Our products are known for reliability, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. With certifications like ISO9001 and BSCI, AUTOPHIX ensures that our tools meet the highest industry standards. From universal OBDII code readers to professional scanners, our versatile range of products caters to various needs. With compatibility across different vehicle models and regular software updates, AUTOPHIX remains a name to trust in the field of universal diagnostics.



Investing in a universal diagnostic tool for your car offers numerous benefits, including increased safety, time-saving diagnoses, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with different vehicles. AUTOPHIX diagnostic tools, such as the OM123 and OM126, exemplify reliability and functionality. With features like code reading, component testing, and advanced vehicle information, these tools are suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Trust AUTOPHIX for accurate diagnoses, efficient repairs, and a seamless automotive experience.