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At the invitation of AAIA association, as a supplier specializing in OBD II diagnostic Tool in China, AUTOPHIX TECH CO., LTD to be the association member enterprises after completing the membership qualification and related audits in April 2012.


AUTOPHIX dedicated to provide the diagnostic tools for Chinese and foreign enterprises around the world as a academician of AAIA.

Intro of AAIA

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) is a non-profit trade association whose 4,400+ member companies conduct business worldwide in the motor vehicle aftermarket industry. AAIA was formed in 1999 from the consolidation between the Automotive Parts & Accessories Association (APAA) and the Automotive Service Industry Association (ASIA).

AAIA serves the automotive aftermarket, a $250 billion industry employing millions of Americans at over 500,000 business locations. "Aftermarket" includes all products and services purchased for motor vehicles after original sale. AAIA's annual Aftermarket Factbook provides details on the automotive aftermarket in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Latin America and East Asia.

The influence to join association


We cooperate with the association actively after joining it. AUTOPHIX devote ourselves in enhancing technical skills and professional standards. We are willing to study advanced experiment, and striving to improve the professional degree and industry recognition in auto parts fields.


At the same time, we are relying on the government resources of the association for our  company to get greater market development. 


AAIA will support us to proceed from marketing development and products publicise promotion. For customers to show enterprise image, enhance the brand value, promote the well-knowness for the production and expand market share. 



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